Cover Letter Journal Submission

A cover letter is the tool introducing to the journals editors your submission and offers a brief overview of major details and its contents.

Cover letter journal submission. A cover letter is needed only at the time of submitting the first version of a manuscript. Authors must prepare and submit with their manuscript a cover letter which includes the following information. Review research case study.

The cover letter should explain why your work is perfect for their journal and why it will be of interest to the journals readers. If tables or figures have been reproduced from another source a letter from the copyright holder usually the Publisher stating authorization to reproduce the material must be attached to the covering letter. Journal submission requires inclusion of a cover letter and guidance notes.

It seems the journal editor had a look at the manuscript and sent it back to you for changing it so as not to be similar to your earlier manuscript. A VERY BRIEF. Cover letters can be submitted as normal text files such as Word or input directly in a field in the journals online submission system.

We know that cover letters can impact an editors decision to consider your research paper further. One of the most neglected aspects of journal submission is the cover letter. For publication in International Journal of Anatomy and Research for possible evaluation.

As such this guide aims to explain 1 why you should care about writing a powerful cover letter 2 what you should include. The cover letter is typically uploaded as a separate file into the online submission journal for the journal for more information on using an online submission portal see Section The cover letter should be addressed to the journal editor. Addressees information and date of submission.

Although it may seem like a formality the cover letter is actually an important part of the submission process. Please find enclosed a manuscript entitled. _________________________________________________ Signature of corresponding author on behalf of all authors A scanned signature is valid COVER LETTER - For submission of manuscript.

Cancer Science- Submission template for Cover letter If applicable Tables or Figures from Another Resource. TITLE OF THE SUBMITTED MANUSCRIPT. A A A A A A.

All cover letters should contain these sentences. One of the most neglected aspects of journal submission is the cover letter. Then briefly explain the background to your study the question you sought out to answer and why.

Title which I am submitting for exclusive consideration of publication as an article in Name of Journal. Although it may seem like a formality the cover letter is actually an important part of the submission process. COVER LETTER FOR SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT.

Name of Journal Street Address City State zipcode. Include the date of submission and the journal you are submitting to. Lets look at some tips for each section.

COVER LETTER FOR SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT Date. We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by another journal. When you submit your article to a journal you often need to include a cover letter.

This is a great opportunity to highlight to the journal editor what makes your research new and important. To The Editor International Journal of Anatomy and Research I am enclosing herewith a manuscript entitled. Keep the cover letter succinct to fit just one or a half page more as maximum.

A SHORT STATEMENT. The cover letter is your chance to tell the editor about your manuscript why it is important and how it fits into the scope of their journal. As well as introducing your work to the editor you can also take this opportunity to explain why the manuscript will be of interest to a journals readers something which is always as the forefront editors mind.

And dont forget to download the template which shows these tips already in place. Include the title of your manuscript and the type of manuscript it is eg. In case you are submitting the journals ensure the cover letter has the purpose of this post and offers an outline of the research field.

The paper demonstrates significant finding and its significance. The letter is far from just a formality and should be written with the same care as your manuscripts text if not more. All authors have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission to insert the name of the target journal.

However in this case the situation is not very clear. Any interim correspondence is addressed to the editor or associate editor with whom you have been in communication.

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